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Silly Bathroom Facts & Stats

The majority of people prefer their toilet paper to go over and not under… 1 of 5 people get annoyed when it’s facing the “wrong” way…glad I am not the only OCD person out there ? Australians use 433 million km of toilet paper each year 85% of bathroom related injuries occur because someone has… Read more

Warning over washroom hand-dryers

University researchers claim the new super-fast jet air dryers are the worst for spreading germs and infections. View full article here

Tork helping FSC bring sustainability into the classroom

In collaboration with Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Australia, Tork® Professional Hygiene has sponsored the launch of a new program for primary schools to assist in teaching the next generation about sustainability. The Future Generations program focuses on bringing the cross curriculum priority of sustainability into every subject – from the Arts to Humanities and English… Read more

Cheap weddings? Sounds like an oxy-moron, doesn’t it?

Well it’s the wave of the future. Spending your life savings on your big day is crazy. You can have elegant, beautiful weddings without breaking the bank! Planning cheap weddings doesn’t mean giving up style or sentimentality. It means using your imagination, using your own hands or the help of friends and family.

Our Essential world in toilet paper

We have a goal at Kimberly-Clark that globally by 2015 100% of our wood fibre will be sourced from certified suppliers with a preference for FSC®. It’s important to note that Kimberly-Clark doesn’t own forests. We source wood pulp from suppliers to make our world famous tissue and towel products. In 2010 our tissue mill… Read more

The great debate: Hand Dryers vs Paper Towels

Bacteria are more easily spread when your hands are wet, so if you’re a shaker and don’t dry your hands properly, you may as well not have bothered washing your hands. Karen Clark, a microbiologist at Dyson, says: “Studies show that wet hands transfer 1,000 times more bacteria from one surface to another.” The giants… Read more