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Our Essential world in toilet paper

We have a goal at Kimberly-Clark that globally by 2015 100% of our wood fibre will be sourced from certified suppliers with a preference for FSC®.

It’s important to note that Kimberly-Clark doesn’t own forests. We source wood pulp from suppliers to make our world famous tissue and towel products.

In 2010 our tissue mill in Millicent, South Australia achieved FSC® certification, which enables products including our well-known Kleenex, Kleenex Cottonelle, VIVA and Kimberly-Clark Professional tissue and towel brands to carry the FSC® seal on-Pac

Kimberly-Clark FSC® certified tissue and towel products are stocked in supermarkets and shops. They’re also used by people and families in homes, in workplaces, hospitals and in government buildings around the world to ensure health and hygiene.

Kleenex is an Olympic brand and we’ve been using the influence of our brands to drive business and consumer preference for FSC® certified products. We’ve also been proactively increasing awareness and understanding of the issues associated with deforestation and the need for responsibly managed forests.

We were recognised for our leadership in raising the awareness of FSC® in the community and were awarded the top award in the FSC® Australia Excellence Awards.


We continue to lose forests, along with the endangered animals that live in them, at the rate of 36 football fields per minute.

Many forests which are destroyed are biologically-rich tropical forests and home to animals like orang-utans, tigers, and gorillas.

Some of this forest destruction is due to illegal logging. It’s estimated that Australia imports more than $400 million worth of illegal timber and wood products each year. KCANZ has been involved in efforts to help curb illegally sourced wood.


This image represents the manufacturing site or mill where our tissues products are made.

Supporting Australian manufacturing and jobs, Kleenex Cottonelle, Viva and other tissue and towel products are made in Millicent, South Australia. There are also tissue and towel products that are imported from other Kimberly-Clark mills around the world.

The Millicent Mill in South Australia has a strong environmental record and a cogeneration facility will significantly reduce emissions. Millicent in ISO 14001 certified and all K-C mills have a rigorous Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) Management Systems in place.

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