Silly Bathroom Facts & Stats

The majority of people prefer their toilet paper to go over and not under… 1 of 5 people get annoyed when it’s facing the “wrong” way…glad I am not the only OCD person out there ? Australians use 433 million km of toilet paper each year 85% of bathroom related injuries occur because someone has… Read more

Our Essential world in toilet paper

We have a goal at Kimberly-Clark that globally by 2015 100% of our wood fibre will be sourced from certified suppliers with a preference for FSC®. It’s important to note that Kimberly-Clark doesn’t own forests. We source wood pulp from suppliers to make our world famous tissue and towel products. In 2010 our tissue mill… Read more

The great debate: Hand Dryers vs Paper Towels

Bacteria are more easily spread when your hands are wet, so if you’re a shaker and don’t dry your hands properly, you may as well not have bothered washing your hands. Karen Clark, a microbiologist at Dyson, says: “Studies show that wet hands transfer 1,000 times more bacteria from one surface to another.” The giants… Read more